• About us

    Wa are a you and passionate team with a great diversity. many years of experience in different areas of entertainment makes us strong

    The fixed team of Diamond Illusions is quite young. That youth is necessary to put that amount of energy in our shows. At the same time, the many years in the business makes that we can approach different demands in a professional way. More information about the members of our team and their contribution at Diamond Illusions can be found on our Facebook-page .

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    Our history

    1987 - An entertainer, named Mark Frans, was born

    Illusionist Mark Frans was born in a loving family where ‘entertainment’ was present from the beginning. Victor Frans, the father, played with a band for many years. The brother, Dirk Frans, got the same germ and also went in the direction of music and sound with starting his own sound & light company. Mark Frans got infected with this too, but in an other shape. Already on his 6th year of life, Mark decided to grow further in the world of circus and entertainment.

    1999 - Member of Open Magic Circle Limburg.

    Quite early it became obvious that the hobby of Mark Frans was much more than just a hobby. The available products and books about magic in the free market didn’t suffice his needs. This pushed the parents of Mark on a quest for a solution. He was taken in by the Open Magic Circle Limburg as the youngest member. There he was coached and helped to grow further in the magical world of illusion. Not many years later he became the secretary of this notable group of magicians.

    2002 - The first price at the Magic Hand Day (BE).

    After the first combined clubperformance of the Open Magic Circle Limburg, Mark Frans was asked to participate at one of the most prestigious magic-competitions of Belgium, the Magic Hand Day. There he won the first price in illusion with his original presentation with classic illusions. Here he was 15 years old at the time. A whole new world opened and Mark began performing his show in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

    2011 - The highest price at the Dutch Championships of Magic.

    After a long, busy period of presenting shows in Belgium and surrounding countries, the urge to gain an other price grow again at Diamond Illusions. The whole team gave absolutely everything to present a beautiful routine with a combination of dance, emotion and illusion. This is something Diamond Illusions always wants to achieve. In the Netherlands they won the highest price in the category illusion. The act is to be seen in our page with the video’s.

  • On The Calendar

    First communion season is coming closer...

    Pleased we are to be able to present a whole new magical childrensshow for smaller audiences. After many years we have build a new experience for the youngest among us.

    In corporation with a live orchestra.

    Yet again we have the honor to work with a combined grand youth orchestra at the Casino theatre of Beringen. Every act will be adjusted to the music that will be played.


    19 february 2016

    The Blackpool Magic Convention

    We will be present at one of the biggest magical festivals around the world. This moment will be used to inspire ourselves in creating new shows.

    december 2015

    Diamond Illusions go’s international!

    Because the internal development and ongoing growth we decided to extend our gaze further than the boundaries we knew. We will interact with the French market! All this because we have a new member in the team with the knowledge and force to cross the lingual border of our shows and site.

    26 march 2015

    Totally new concept! an interactive children’s theatre with illusions.

    Even when the site is in development and the grand illusion show gets a big refurbish, we build a new kids-experience within Diamond Illusions. The show ‘Diamond Hotel on Stilts’ will be a blast in our program! more information can be found under “Shows.”

    15 december 2014

    We work intensely on a brand new and growing website.

    We won’t rest! Our shows grow, our team grows, our depot for the grand illusions grows, … but the website stood still. Finally the moment has come to launch the new website. Look around and let us know what you think! You can also find us thru the Facebook-link in the lower right corner of this screen.

    13 december 2014

    A grand spectacle on a dazzling location!

    For a special 40th birthday party we were invited to lift the magnificent party even higher with our illusion show. The audience was mightily, just like the location of ArtCube. You can experience by yourself on our photo-page.

  • About our shows

    With every show we endeavor for perfection like a polished diamond. We try not only to touch the eyes of our audience, but also their hart.

    Our shows are build from a story. A story that lifts people in an unknown world filled with love, passion, sadness, joy, … emotions are a key in our showings. If we can make people “feel”, our mission is accomplished. Not wondering about the ‘how”, but pure enjoyment and experience are our targets.

    Shows List

    Best Shows

    Tales of Magic

    A dark fairytale will be presented with lusty and horrifying costumes through a bunch of fantastical illusions. Completely unique! there is a version for an adult audience and for children.

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    Diamond Illusions Traditionals

    Are you searching for an illusions show, but there is a lac of space? Than this is the show you need! Still impressive, but compact in its form.

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    Diamond Hotel on Stilts

    A children-theatre production with magic and illusions! We bring you a unique story where children are actively involved and young and old will be amazed with this impressive magical theatre.

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    Kids magic show

    A standard magic show, suitable for every occasion. In this show the children will be spoiled with all kinds of interactive tricks, effects with real animals and a dance of game at the right time… The show plays for 60 minutes and can be brought practically everywhere.

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  • Own creations

    The proces of production in all its forms.

    We try to build a whole new show every year. This is a proces that wil easily take 6 months of our time, starting from the first brainstorm till the las rehearsal.

    Build by demand

    More often the shows will be build by the customers desires.

    It’s an unique experience when a show is suited in the theme af the event. We love to work together with the client to achieve a fitting show of act in the whole event.

    Our Acts

    Close-up magic

    The magic happens under your nose! This kind of magical entertainment is often chosen for corporate events, community gatherings, weddings, … It is a compact entertainment and everybody is actively involved! Mark Frans will hop from table to table to entertain all your guests.

    Stilt walkers

    We have a team of stilt walkers to rise your event. These towering figures are a real crowd-magnet!


    We have an experienced team of both male and female fire-entertainers. They will add a “hot” touch to your event with fire breathing, fire eating, Body-burning, ... We recommend this entertainment for themed festivals and club-events.

    Santa Claus, Santa’s elfs, princes and princesses, ...

    Thanks to the huge amount of professional costumes and our long-lasting experience, we are able to produce realistic and proper characters with our actors for your christmas event, valentine’s day, Easter, … We have no limits for crazy ideas!


    We have great connections with one of the greatest dance-productions in Belgium. They work with all the big music-events like ‘Schlagerfestival’, back to the 90’s, some high names in Belgian music industry, … And we are proud to share the stage with these beautiful dancers.


    Are you looking for a unique act to make the arrival of your guests unforgettable? Or do you wish to shake-up your party with a strange character that’s about to ‘ruin’ your party? We some comic actors for you, dressed as: crazy photographers, piccolo’s, lackeys, drunk waiters, ... Do you have a proposition? We love to hear it!

  • Events

    The big Saint Nicolas production in Berchem
    The big Saint Nicolas production in Berchem
    The big Saint Nicolas production in Berchem
    Color-up a company celeration
    Annual giant Black Pete
    A unique product launch
    An adjusted act for a Halloween trail
    Halloween in the waterparc Océade
    Stiltwalking fools in Bobbejaanland
    A fairy on stilts on 'kinderstad'
    Greeting your guests
    Santa Claus and his Christmas elf spread little presents
    A burlesque-act on a big party
    Presentation of a big orchestra
    Collaboration with the big Disneychannel summer tour
    The dance team on one of the biggest events in Belgium
  • Our Videos

    De video van onze prijzenwinnende act op de Dutch Championships of Magic.
    Onze oude, maar nog steeds prachtige promotievideo.
  • Contact Adres

    Head Office

    Libelstraat 6,
    HAM, 3945
    Mobile: 0032 496 90 47 09
    E-mail: info@diamondillusions.be

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  • More about the way we work

    Our shows are build by the love and effort of the whole team. That's why we are called Diamond Illusions and not Mark Frans. A new show is born by a process of brainstorming. All the crazy ideas are thrown in a list and of all the ideas the best will be choses to make real. Following to this we bring ourselves in an environment that stimulates the growth of a original act. This environment is used as a catalysator for our building process. A place, a trip, some music, ... everything can help. Finally a story is born. Illusions are fit in the story and the spectacle is ready to be build.

    Rehearsals are intense. External partners are called to help with the choreography, movements, expression, music, … this is a hussars work with many hands. All these partners are activated to get the best result at the end.

    Next in line are the illusions. We prefer to use standard illusions, but we put our own creativity in these creations. Illusions are modified or rebuild to fit the part in the whole act and storyline. To do this, we have a workshop and the Fans family where dream can come true.

    Finally the props, choreographies, the music and the story fit together and the concept is ready for marketing. We constantly work on our touring shows by critically analyzing our creations. We strive for perfection, as a general goal for the perfection of a diamond.

  • Tales of Magic

    This illusions spectacle is specifically build to achieve a very big impact on the audience.

    This 2 x 20 minutes program holds a huge amount of grand illusions, baffling effects and a stunning décor.

    The whole concept is being carried by a storyteller which leads the audience through a dark and refreshing “fairytale.” For the grown-ups there’s a version which is impressive, dark, funny, sexy, … while the version for the younger audience is more decent. The clothing is adjusted, music is less scary and the interaction is less intense. We recommend an audience of at least 12 years old because of the use of swords a.o.

    This spectacle has some requirements about the setting. To know more about these requirements you better contact us to discuss the possibilities. We make no half, so good communication are a must!

    In this production we work with 2 assistants. Both take a crucial part in the plot of the story. Furthermore they averagely switch their costumes 6 times during the show! Only this gives an insight of the dynamic character of the show.

  • Diamond Illusions Traditionals

    This illusion show is the base of our repertoire. The many illusions we bring in this show fit almost in every venue. This makes the possibility and affordability of an illusion show interesting for everyone.

    There are approximately 10 small and medium illusions in this production, woven into each other with some choreographies, the right music and perfect stage setting.

    Offcourse a minimum area is needed for this show, but this free area is limited to a minimum of 5 meters wide and 4 meters deep. Even is this is not possible, we want to provide a show that fit’s your demands.

    Are you looking for a huge spectacle with international illusions, we would like to refer to our ‘Tales of Magic’ show.

  • Diamond Hotel upside down

    An amusing theatre concept with a certain morality which is very applicable for children. This is blende into a big production with tricks, animals acts, big illusions and a huge load of interaction!

    In the story a real diva tumbles into an old hotel that isn’t quite her taste. The piccolo of the hotel, which is busy moving the luggage of the disappeared magician, is instantly in love! The diva has no eye for the clumsy piccolo and ignorantly goes het own way. The audience is activated to help the poor piccolo to conquer het heart, but this does not run easily… How this story ends is a mystery off course, but we assure it gives a good laugh.

    A minimum stage size is required for this show, but this is limited to a minimum of 6 meters by 5 meters. Please contact us for issues or more information.

    The show runs for two parts of 45 minutes and is ideal for children from 5 till 15 years old.

  • Childrens Magic Show

    A classic childrens magic show which is very popular for birthdays, Catholic kids parties, neighborhood celebrations and even cultural events!

    The possibilities of these shows are quite unlimited. We brought this show for 4 children and 400 children. Everything is possible!

    Magician Mark is an experienced orthopedagoge and by this he can interact with the children in a decent and creative manner. A mental disability, a widely varied group, … every time he knows how to take control of his audience and make them enjoy the magical experience.

    The children’s magic show can be adapted to every theme and is quite dynamic in structure. The repertoire Mark brings varies according the audience. No show is exactly the same, and that has a certain charm because the act gives what the audience wants.